"We used Kelly for our Premiere Jewelry Company Event and he killed.  In the good way..."

– Randy Draper, Premiere Designs, Colleyville, Tx


"One of the funniest comedians I've ever seen!"

–  Todd Herbst, fan, Allen, Tx


"Really impressive words about Kelly..."

– Big time, well-known Sponsor Dude

Customer Raves

Okay, confession time.  I was a thief by the age of 7.  I heard a recording (on vinyl, remember that?) of Bill Cosby's "To Russell, my Brother, Whom I slept With," and totally ripped him off.  I memorized the whole dang routine and performed it wherever people would indulge me.

 My first time performing at the Improv, I bombed.  Well, that may be over-stating it, but there was an AWFUL lot of silence between jokes!  I quickly realized I had to work on my material, which I did.  a LOT.  I got better...

Many years later, I have over 2,000 performances (of original comedy material) under my belt (size 38 for those keeping score) and still absolutely LOVE performing!  

my Story

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